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Italy energy company Eni is upgrading its supercomputer. The new Eni system, dubbed HPC5, will use 7,280 NVIDIA V100 GPUs capable of delivering 52 petaflops of peak double-precision floating point performance. That’s nearly triple the performance of its previous 18 petaflops system that used 3,200 NVIDIA P100 GPUs.

When HPC5 is deployed in early 2020, Eni will have at its disposal 70 petaflops including existing systems also installed in its Green Data Center in Ferrera Erbognone, outside of Milan. The figure would put above any other industrial company on the current TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful computers.

The new system will consist of 1,820 Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140 servers, each with four NVIDIA V100 GPUs and two Intel CPUs. A Mellanox InfiniBand HDR network running at 200 Gb/s will link the servers.

Eni will use its expanded computing muscle to gather and analyze data across its operations. It will enhance its monitoring of oil fields, subsurface imaging and reservoir simulation and accelerate R&D in non-fossil energy sources. The data center itself is designed to be energy efficient, powered in part by a nearby solar plant.

Eni was among the first movers to adopt GPUs as accelerators. NVIDIA GPUs are now used in 125 of the fastest systems worldwide, according to the latest TOP500 list. They include the world’s most powerful system, the Summit supercomputer, as well as four others in the top 10.


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