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Teijin Limited has signed a technical license agreement with Shanghai Energy New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (SEMCORP) for the manufacture of solvent-based coating separators used in lithium-ion secondary batteries (LIBs) for electric vehicles (EVs).

The agreement covers Teijin’s proprietary technologies and patents related to coating and production processes for fluorine- and solvent-based coating separators that improve the performance and safety of EV LIBs. Teijin aims to integrate its technologies with SEMCORP’s strengths in substrate production capacity and cost competitiveness.

Teijin and SEMCORP will explore opportunities to grow their partnership in the automotive field by meeting various demands for solvent-based coating separators. Specifically, the two companies plan to develop separators that enhance the capacity, performance, durability and safety of EV LIBs.

Teijin has developed two types of polyethylene-based coated separators with its proprietary technologies—one coated with Teijinconex, a highly heat-resistant meta-aramid; and the other coated with fluorine-based compounds. Teijin currently supplies these separators for LIBs used in consumer goods, but larger production capacity and higher cost competitiveness are required in supplying separators for the growing EV LIB.


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