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Atomic City Transit in Los Alamos buys two Proterra electric buses

Atomic City Transit in Los Alamos, New Mexico has agreed to purchase two Proterra Catalyst 35-foot E2 buses and two Proterra 125 kW plug-in charging systems. Atomic City Transit is Proterra’s first customer in New Mexico, increasing Proterra’s reach into 43 US states and Canadian provinces with more than 100 customers.

Atomic City Transit offers transit service in both Los Alamos and White Rock and provides an average of more than 545,000 annual passenger trips. Los Alamos received $1.485 million through the Low or No Emission Grant Program to purchase new zero-emission battery-electric buses and chargers to replace the City’s existing diesel fleet. The Proterra electric buses will be used on the downtown route.

To help customers such as Atomic City Transit meet their toughest routes and conditions, Proterra offers a high-performance DuoPower drivetrain, which delivers nearly twice the horsepower and five times better fuel efficiency than a standard diesel engine. The DuoPower drivetrain features two electric motors that deliver 510 horsepower, accelerating a Catalyst bus from 0-20 mph in about five seconds. In addition, the DuoPower drivetrain can propel a bus up a 27 percent grade, making it an ideal option for routes with steep hills. By combining this industry-leading drivetrain with Proterra’s market-leading battery technology and lightweight composite bus body, the Catalyst vehicle provides superior performance.



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