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Student Transportation of America receives $20,000 for deployment of propane-fueled school buses

The Missouri Propane Education and Research Council presented Student Transportation of America (STA) a check for $20,000 for its acquisition of new propane school buses. These emissions- and cost-reducing propane school buses are in service throughout the Kansas City Public Schools district.

The rebate presented to STA is part of MOPERC’s Clean Bus Replacement Plan, which has committed $1 million to help Missouri school districts transition from diesel to propane buses. The plan offers rebates of $2,000 per propane bus, up to 10 per district or contractor, at the time of delivery.

KCPS contracted with STA to acquire the Blue Bird Type C propane buses. The school district expects to save about $500,000 annually in fuel costs, and another $55,000 savings each year in maintenance costs.


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