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Seedland launches pilot operation of China’s first electric autonomous commuter vehicle: Hachi Auto

Seedland Group launched Hachi Auto, an electric autonomous vehicle for smart communities, in one of its Seedland communities in early November 2019.


Enabled by lidar and vision technology, multi-sensor fusion algorithms, 3D obstacle detection and speed estimation, the vehicle can accurately move forward and backward, and turn around in the operating environment and automatically calculate the avoidance path without human intervention.

The vehicle can adapt to different weather conditions such as rainy, foggy and windy days. It has a powerful positioning algorithm with the accuracy of 2-5 cm, keeping it from being affected by the GPS signal instability between community buildings. The algorithm is a proven result of more than 100,000 kilometers of road test consisting of over 2,000 times of driving experience without a single human intervention.

Hachi Auto is that it is connected with the Smart Life System of the Seedland communities, forming an advanced community intelligent cooperative transportation network in China. It enables the efficient cooperation among people, vehicles, roads and environment.

For multiple scenarios in the community including retail, healthcare and education, it supports multiple functions such as car-hailing and community bus, and reacts to complex environments. In addition, as the Smart Life System works 24 hours a day, vehicles can be monitored in real time to facilitate the maintenance and management, as well as order receiving and dynamic route planning and adjusting. It is also convenient for residents to view vehicle locations and select routes.

Featuring a minimalist design concept, Hachi Auto can carry three people at a time and provides a great riding experience with the comfortable ergonomic design, comprehensive coverage of sensors, processors and other components.



Seedland Group launched Hachi Auto, an electric autonomous vehicle for smart communities, in one of its Seedland communities in run 3 - 2019


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