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Avfuel is providing Bombardier with an inaugural shipment of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for new customer aircraft deliveries in Canada. Avfuel sources SAF from Gevo and blends it with petroleum-based jet fuel. This mixture is then tested for fuel quality and to ensure it meets ASTM D1655 standards.

The product has a net benefit to the environment across its lifecycle. Created from cornstarch, for every one million gallons of the concentrated SAF that is produced, approximately 10 million pounds of animal feed and protein is sold into the food chain, and the final jet fuel product burns cleaner, reducing carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

In total, Avfuel supplied 7,300 gallons (27,600 liters) of SAF to Bombardier to fuel its new customer aircraft deliveries. In total, the sustainable product provided a two metric ton reduction in life cycle CO2 emissions.

Supply of SAF continues to be the most challenging hurdle to bringing the product to market on a commercial scale. As such, Avfuel hopes raising awareness through initiatives such as this will help inspire commitments by operators to use the product. By creating the demand, Avfuel’s aim is to encourage further production for greater sustainable representation in the fuel supply chain.

We are committed to playing our role in making SAF a reality in the marketplace—one of the best ways to do that at the moment is by demonstrating its use. By capitalizing on opportunities to work with leading OEMs, Avfuel can help business aviation attain its sustainability goals. We appreciate Bombardier for its collaboration in this initiative and for our continued partnership with Gevo.

—C.R. Sincock, executive vice president for Avfuel

Avfuel provides fuel and services to the global aviation industry and is the leading independent supplier in the United States.


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