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Lion delivers first electric school buses as part of the California Energy Commission School Bus Replacement Program

The Lion Electric Co. announced the first deliveries of its all-electric school buses funded by the California Energy Commission (CEC) as part of the School Bus Replacement Program in California. Lion delivered five zero-emission vehicles today to Twin Rivers Unified School District in Sacramento, officially giving the district the largest electric school bus fleet in the country. As of today, Twin Rivers operates seventeen Lion electric school buses.

Five more vehicles will be heading to additional school districts all over California before year-end. Durham Unified School District and Baldwin Park Unified School District will be receiving electric buses this week.

As part of the School Bus Replacement Program, Lion was awarded five out of the six categories.

The Energy Commission School Bus Replacement Program is providing school districts with the opportunity to receive up to ten clean air, zero-emission school buses, and have their charging infrastructure installed. Participating school districts were selected based on disadvantaged community criteria and the fleet age.

Lion has deployed more than 250 electric school buses, with more than three million miles of service.


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