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Weichai Power acquires ARADEX AG; electric powertrain components

China-based Weichai Power Co., Ltd. has acquired Germany-based electric powertrain component manufacturer ARADEX AG as another component of its global strategy in the new energy power systems industry following its strategic investment in Ballard Power and Ceres Power.

Weichai Power, a provider of traditional powertrains for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, is integrating battery, motor and electronic control to establish itself as a global leader in the new energy industry by 2030.

Since its founding in 1989, ARADEX AG has been committed to the R&D of motor, electric control and power supply for industrial and transportation industry. The company has become a pioneer in high power variable frequency and power supply equipment technology.

ARADEX AG offers powerful design and development and system integration capabilities in terms of various CNC servo motor and servo driver, new energy commercial vehicle motor controller, motor, fuel cell DC/DC converter and other products.

Both parties will collaborate to develop new energy commercial vehicle power system. ARADEX AG will expand and grow on the synergies of Weichai Power’s global complete vehicle and machinery, core components of power system and global R&D innovation center and other resources, and Weichai Power is expected to facilitate industrial upgrading and restructuring with the contribution from ARADEX AG.


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