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CARB holding public meeting to consider policy options to increase ZEV use

The California Air Resources Board (CARB or Board) will conduct a public meeting 23 January 2020 to consider policy recommendations to increase the use of Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV) per Senate Bill (SB) 498. CARB staff will present the policy recommendations identified in the draft report “Assessment of CARB’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Programs per Senate Bill 498” at the meeting.

SB 498 tasked CARB with reporting to the California legislature on its programs that affect the adoption of light-, medium-, and heavy-duty ZEVs, including reviewing the program goals and status in meeting those goals; conducting cost-benefit analyses; comparing CARB’s ZEV programs with ZEV programs in other states and countries; identifying policy recommendations for increasing the adoption of ZEVs in the state; and identifying actions fleets can take to increase the use of ZEVs within their fleets.

The report identifies eight policy areas to increase ZEV adoption and use, which support California Governor Newsom’s recently issued Executive Order N-19-1910—outlining a number of actions that California State agencies must take to reduce GHG emissions—and would either require or benefit from legislative action. These policy recommendations are meant to grow the ZEV market through:

  1. Incentives and pricing strategies
  2. Lower fuel costs
  3. ZEV refueling infrastructure
  4. Local policies
  5. Fleet adoption
  6. Outreach and education
  7. Workforce development
  8. Program flexibility

The Board will consider public comments on the policy recommendations prior to submitting the report to the legislature.


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