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Aeristech introduces new 20 kW motor for internal combustion and fuel cell compressor applications

Aeristech, the UK-based developer of power-dense and efficient high-speed electric motors for applications including super- and turbo-chargers and fuel-cell compressors, has introduced a new 20 kW motor. The new compressor provides greater torque density than any same-rated rival technology, reduced size for enhanced modularity and a significant increase in continuous power rating.

The applications for Aeristech’s new 20kW motor include traditional internal combustion and fuel cell passenger and commercial vehicles with stacks of up to and more than 100kW, industrial, aerospace and marine.

Aeristech’s key invention so far is a new form of control architecture for permanent magnet variable-speed electric motors. The patented system allows motors to accelerate to 160,000 rpm in less than a second.

The technology also generates less heat than competitive products, allowing the delivery of products with higher efficiency, greater power density and continuous running at high power.

Aeristech has developed a range of products based on the core IP. The 20kW motor is the latest additional to Aeristech’s range of permanent magnet variable speed electric units.

The 20kW motor provides maximum mass flow of 150gs-1 and a peak pressure ratio of 3.2 at 130gs-1.

As an early adopter of Aeristech technology, MAHLE was invited to take part in the launch of the new compressor. MAHLE has used Aeristech’s existing technology within the powertrain of its advanced downsizing demonstrator vehicle. The Volkswagen Golf features a 48V architecture and a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder gasoline engine producing 193kW.

This is achieved through the use of an Aeristech eSupercharger, which provides increased airflow alongside a traditional, larger turbocharger. 315Nm torque is produced from only 1500rpm, matching the performance of the original 2-liter turbocharged gasoline engine while offering a 25% reduction in emissions.

We are delighted to assist Aeristech with the opening of its new facility and unveiling of its latest 20kW electric motor; as long-standing technology partners we have first-hand experience of the benefits its eSupercharger technology can bring and we look forward to working on exciting future projects together.

Aeristech’s eSupercharger is a key enabler for the extraordinary results achieved by our advanced downsizing demonstrator vehicle and we are sure that the new 20kW motor will help future projects to once again achieve or surpass expectations.

—Simon Reader, MAHLE director of engineering services


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