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New Bosch truck battery with AGM technology

Modern commercial vehicles used in long-distance traffic are equipped with numerous comfort and hoteling functions improving the labor conditions of commercial drivers. To make sure these features are reliably supplied with enough power even in case of stationary operation, the Bosch range of commercial-vehicle batteries has now been complemented by the new TA AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) 12-volt starter battery.


Bosch TA AGM reliably supplies a large number of electrical consumers installed at commercial vehicles during stationary operation—e.g., features such as parking cooler, parking heater, microwave or TV. This allows reducing breakdowns and thus unnecessary downtimes.

With the AGM technology, the acid is completely absorbed by micro-fiberglass mats; this makes the new battery absolutely leakproof and maintenance-free. Thanks to its high vibration resistance, it can also be installed at the back of the truck.

At a depth-of-discharge of up to 80%, TA AGM features a deep-cycle resistance six times higher than conventional lead-acid batteries. This reduces the number of breakdowns caused by cyclic loads.

Featuring a cold start performance of 1200 A (CCA) and a capacity of 210 Ah, it reliably supplies enough energy for safe cold starting and all comfort and hoteling functions. Thanks to the micro-cycle stability closely linked to AGM technology, it is also suitable for functions such as start/stop systems and sailing or coasting, without engine support.


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