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Cryopeak LNG Solutions Corporation, based in Richmond BC, has developed the first Super B-train liquefied natural gas (LNG) hauling trailer to optimize small-scale LNG transportation in Canada. A B-train consists of two trailers linked together by a fifth wheel.

The trailer is designed to be interoperable across Canada and is in full compliance with Transport Canada rules and regulations for the transportation of liquefied natural gas.


Cryopeak’s new 20,700-gallon B-train LNG hauling unit entering service in Canada.

The new Super B-train trailer is designed to have 70% greater capacity than standard trailers operating in Canada today.

Cryopeak is the leading distributor of LNG in Canada and currently has a fleet of 16 tankers operating in Canada, as well as equipment and technologies for storage, regasification and fuel dispensing. Cryopeak is ISO 9001 certified and has emergency response plans approved by Transport Canada.

Cryopeak was founded in 2012 and is a portfolio company of BP Energy Partners, LLC.


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