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CA targets off-road equipment for GHG reductions with $44M CORE voucher project

The California Air Resources Board will launch its Clean Off-Road Equipment Voucher Incentive Project (CORE) at the Port of San Diego on 31 January. The new $44-million voucher project is designed to accelerate deployment of zero-emission off-road freight equipment used at goods-movement hubs, including ports, distribution centers, airports, and rail freight yards by bringing the cost of purchasing such equipment down.

CORE also seeks to address climate concerns and cut emissions from a booming industry still reliant on heavy fossil-fuel-powered-equipment.

Businesses interested in buying or leasing clean, heavy-duty, off-road equipment through CORE can receive point-of-sale vouchers of up to $500,000 per vehicle/piece of equipment. Additional funding is available for facilities that deploy clean technology in communities overburdened by pollution and for infrastructure connections.

State-of-the-art heavy equipment that qualifies for CORE vouchers—including electric terminal tractors, railcar movers and transport refrigeration units—will be on display at the kickoff event.

CORE is a California Air Resources Board project, administered by clean transportation accelerator CALSTART and funded through proceeds from California Climate Investments.


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