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Scandinavian transport operator Nobina has ordered 60 Volvo high-capacity electric buses which will enter service in Malmö, Sweden next year.


It is immensely gratifying to receive yet another significant order for electric buses. In a short space of time we have taken orders for 220 electric buses from two of Sweden’s largest cities. This shows that electric buses are already a viable solution for cities that want public transport with long-term sustainability—buses that make concrete improvements to the environment.

What is more, electromobility creates entirely new opportunities for urban planning and improves flexibility for cities that want to bring public transport closer to where people actually live and work.

—Håkan Agnevall, President of Volvo Buses

The electric high-capacity buses ordered by Nobina in Malmö are of the Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated model, which was launched in autumn 2019. They can carry up to 150 passengers and are 80% more energy-efficient than corresponding diesel models.

The buses are propelled by dual electric motors with a two-speed transmission. Maximum power output is 2x200 kW, maximum torque is 31 kN·m at the driven axle.

The Lithium-ion batteries have up to 396 kWh energy storage capacity.

Their batteries can be quick-charged via OppCharge stations located on the bus route, or they can be charged when the buses are parked in the depot.

We are seeing a rapid change of public transport where the electric buses and technology are meeting the needs of society and passengers for efficient, comfortable and sustainable public transport. Volvo's electric articulated buses and high battery capacity meet our needs and high demands for modern and sustainable bus traffic in Malmö.

—Henrik Dagnäs, MD at Nobina Sweden

Delivery of the 60 electric buses will start in January 2021 and all the buses will be delivered by April the same year. They will operate on route 5 and 7 in Malmö.

The Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated is prepared to be able to run in restricted areas with particularly tough standards for noise, exhaust emissions and speed, for example in zero-emission zones and indoor bus stops.


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