Toyota develops fuel cell system for maritime applications; first application on Energy Observer
US DOE and US Army issue solicitation to develop H2Rescue fuel-cell/battery hybrid truck

UK plans to bring forward the end of sales of new gasoline and diesel light-duty vehicles to 2035; hybrids included

The UK Government plans to bring forward an end to the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars and vans to 2035—or earlier if a faster transition is feasible, subject to consultation, as well as including hybrids for the first time.

The current targeted end is in 2040.

The Government said it will continue to work with all sectors of industry to accelerate the rollout of zero emission vehicles.

This government’s £1.5-billion strategy to make owning an electric vehicle as easy as possible is working—last year alone, a fully electric car was sold every 15 minutes. We want to go further than ever before. That’s why we are bringing forward our already ambitious target to end the sale of new petrol and diesel cars to tackle climate change and reduce emissions.

—Transport Secretary Grant Shapps



I think this is just greenwashing.
I don't think Boris gives a toss about any of this, it is just for the optics.
He won't have to deal with it when the ban comes in.
Also, why ban PHEVs - they really use very little fossil fuel, especially in cities.
And they'll still have to provide liquid fuels for all the people with pre-existing cars and trucks.
Still, it is better than what we hear coming out of the USA.


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