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Pioneering methods to accelerate electric fleet adoption, AMPLY Power will demonstrate and document its Charging-as-a-Service approach for an all-electric school bus fleet in New York City. Logan Bus Company is providing a fleet of five electric school buses for the demonstration, Black and Veatch will be bringing its depth of experience in sustainable projects, and Unique Technical Solutions is overseeing routing, analysis, and logistics.

The $1-million project is being funded by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).


During the next two years, AMPLY Power will provide its Charging-as-a-Service package to the Logan Bus Company at its depot in Brooklyn, New York. As the electric utility account holder for its fleet customers, AMPLY Power provides comprehensive end-to-end services to fleet operators. These include:

  • Managing infrastructure upgrades and utility interconnections;

  • Establishing an optimal charging strategy based on drive cycle and duty cycle;

  • Providing debt financing or securing grant funding for reducing capital expenditures; and

  • Implementing resiliency plans where needed.


AMPLY’s AMPLIFY automated, cloud-based software tracks current electricity rates, vehicle charge status, fleet sizes, and more to organize charging processes in a comprehensive, visually appealing dashboard.

The company assumes the full financial responsibility of utility bills and provides the fleet with pre-negotiated flat usage rates. AMPLY also performs onsite operations and maintenance services, and invests in technology upgrades as a fleet’s needs evolve.

Medium- and heavy-duty trucks make up 23% of emissions on US roadways. However, in a 2018 survey by Greenbiz and UPS, fleet operators cited high cost and complex infrastructure as main deterrents in expanding their electric truck and bus pilots to full deployment. With its Charging-as-a-Service model, AMPLY addresses the challenges fleets face, while remaining technology-agnostic, and guarantees electric vehicle uptime related to charging, in exchange for a price-per-mile-driven billing structure.

Governor Cuomo’s recent State of the State address reaffirmed his commitment to electrifying New York’s transportation sector, especially bus fleets.

—Alicia Barton, President and CEO of NYSERDA

Logan Bus Company, the largest school bus provider for the New York City Department of Education is converting five of its diesel buses to electric buses to participate in this demonstration project. Once this is completed, bus routes will be determined. The demonstration of the Charging-as-a-Service model is expected to launch in early 2021.

In addition to documenting the complete demonstration, AMPLY and partners will also be creating a final report on how this model can be applied to accelerate fleet electrification throughout New York and the country.

We have heard loud and clear the Governor, Mayor, City Council, and parent body who have advocated for electric vehicles. Running this project and collecting this data is imperative to showing key stakeholders that electric conversions are economically feasible and currently a more cost efficient way in reducing our carbon footprint.

—Corey Muirhead, Executive Vice President of Logan Bus & Affiliates


Umesh Joshi

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