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Audi teams with Arcadia to offer solar power subscription for eligible e-tron buyers at no charge

Audi is expanding its collaboration with Arcadia (formerly Arcadia Power), a clean energy platform, to offer customers an industry-first, 10-year subscription to solar power for Audi e-tron SUV drivers at no additional cost. The offer is available to the first 3,000 eligible customers who take delivery of a new or certified pre-owned 2019 Audi e-tron SUV on or after 4 February 2020, while supplies last.

Audi’s solar program allows drivers to subscribe to remote solar panels located throughout the US. Savings from this solar power are applied directly to the customer’s home energy bill without having to install any hardware. Each subscription with Arcadia helps generate enough electricity to offset the approximate cost of up to 2,400 miles of driving per year.


Arcadia’s remote solar projects enable customers living within the service territory of a compatible utility to subscribe to a commercial-scale solar project. With lower anticipated cost and environmental impact than fossil fuel energy, the remote solar project sends electricity directly into a local building’s meter or back into the power grid, and, in turn, Arcadia is able to provide subscribers a prorated share of any savings in the form of a credit on their electric utility bills.

Through a web- or app-based Arcadia digital platform, members sign up to auto-pay their standard electric utility bill and receive a monthly statement detailing their savings, environmental impact, energy usage and more. Through the Arcadia mobile app and online dashboard, customers can view the details of their solar projects and electricity bills. Because Arcadia’s software is available in all 50 states, the 10-year Audi solar subscription can transfer with the original, eligible e-tron purchasers even if they move residences.

In total, Audi’s solar collaboration with Arcadia has the potential to support approximately 29,000 MWh of solar electricity generation, offsetting the equivalent of 22,000 tons of carbon dioxide, or 2.3 million gallons of gasoline.



Why can't I sign up for nuclear power for my house and car?  Why does unreliable PV get preferences that 24/7 clean power doesn't?

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