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ThunderSoft and Didi Chuxing build strategic partnership focused on intelligent automotive operating system

China-based ThunderSoft, an operating system technology provider, and Didi Chuxing announced a strategic collaboration focused on intelligent automotive operating system products and solutions for automotive manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers.

This partnership is intended to accelerate the development of the Intelligent Connected Vehicle (ICV) by combining ThunderSoft’s OS technology and DiDi’s AI technology.

The two companies will share expertise and leverage their technological advantages in intelligent automotive operating system, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), smart assistants, safe driving monitoring system (DMS), and autonomous driving to develop products and solutions and explore industry markets.

DiDi is the world’s leading one-stop mobile transportation platform. Centered on AI, cloud computing, big data and other technology, the company offers a full range of app-based transportation services for 550 million users and more than 10 billion passenger trips a year.

In 2013, Thundersoft proactively laid out the new generation automotive business, focusing on creating intelligent vehicle operating system and smart cockpit platform products. Based on years of the optimization techniques of operating systems, 3D engines, machine vision, and voice and audio technologies, ThunderSoft has provided complete software solutions and services which can support OS development, core technology authorization and application customization, including in-vehicle infotainment system, smart dashboard, integrated cockpits, ADAS and audio products.

In recent years, ThunderSoft launched OS + AI twin-engine driven strategy, starting a new journey within automotive industry.

The automotive industry is developing in the direction of sharing, intelligence and new energy. ThunderSoft is a leading smart operating system technology provider. Centered on intelligent vehicle operating system, they focus on creating intelligent connected vehicle (ICV) products and services. DiDi and ThunderSoft will give full play to our respective advantages, accelerating the application of intelligent driving solutions and making ICV more secure, efficient, smart and environmentally friendly.

—YE Jieping, Didi Chuxing Vice President & Head of DiDi AI Labs


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