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ClipperCreek recently celebrated the sale of its 90,000th electric vehicle charging station produced and sold at their Auburn, CA manufacturing facility. The unit was an HCS-D40P, a recently released plug-in Dual EV Charging Station.

ClipperCreek is one of the original EVSE manufacturers; it sells charging stations into three market segments: Commercial, Direct to Consumer, and Automotive OEM.

This may put us in first place position in North America by number of universal units sold as we do not double count dual stations. In addition, we have been a tier 2 OEM supplier for many major brands of electric vehicles worldwide since 2012. Our technology is in hundreds of thousands of additional charging stations throughout the world.

—Jason France, ClipperCreek President and Founder

ClipperCreek is also a major supplier of circuit boards for Level 1 or ‘trickle’ chargers that come with new electric vehicles.

Every ClipperCreek charging station is safety tested and certified by an independent Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). Every product is engineered to meet automaker standards ensuring superior reliability and customer satisfaction. ClipperCreek has participated in the standards committees for both safety and communications around EVSE technology dating back to the mid 1990s. ClipperCreek is a contributing or voting member for the National Electric Code, CANENA, NEMA, UL and SAE standards committees around plug in vehicle charging standards.


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