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In Germany (the largest car market in Europe), the 2020 registration year started with 246,300 newly registered passenger cars—7.3% less than in January 2019, according to figures from the German KBA (Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt). However, alternative drive types increased significantly in the reporting month.


Source: KBA.

  • With 7,492 new vehicles, the number of electric vehicles grew by +61.2%, and accounted for 3.0% of new registrations.

  • 30,805 hybrids achieved growth of +103.1%, including 8,639 plug-in hybrids (+307.7%).

  • The total hybrid share was 12.5%, the share of plug-in hybrids was 3.5%. Combined with BEVs, the share of plug-in electric drive vehicles was 6.5%

  • 882 new vehicles powered by natural gas led to an increase in registrations of +260.0%.

  • The number of LPG vehicles decreased by -94.9%.


Data: KBA.


Despite a decrease of -17.2%, more than half (51.5%) of all new cars were gasoline engined. The number of new diesel vehicles fell by -12.4%, for a share was 32.6%.

The average CO2 emissions of the newly registered cars decreased by -4.5% and was 151.5 g/km.

At the beginning of the year, Porsche showed the clearest increase in registrations among German brands at +52.7%. BMW (+6.5%), Mercedes (+2.9%) and Audi (+1.2%) also posted gains. New car registrations of the brands VW (-4.1%), Mini (-17.3%), Ford (-17.7%), Opel (-24.3%) and Smart (-96.7%) were in some cases significantly lower than in the same month of the previous year. With a share of 19.8%, VW was the most registered brand.

In terms of import brands, Tesla (+167.9%, with 367 units) and Lexus (+116.0%, with 391 units) grew the most, followed by double-digit growth in DS (+64.9%), Jaguar (+63.4%), Mitsubishi ( +28.5%) and Seat (+26.7%). Single-digit registration increases were achieved by Nissan (+3.6%) and Citroen (+2.4%). Suzuki (-56.0%), Subaru (-53.9%), Dacia (-42.3%) and Mazda (-36.9%) recorded the largest losses, with most new registrations not being recorded despite a loss of -2 .5% on the Skoda brand (5.8%).


Despite a decline of -6.5%, the SUV segment had the largest share (20.5%), followed by the compact class with 19.4%.


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