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AMT Genoa (Italy) has acquired 14 10.8m Irizar ie electric buses and associated charging facilities. The Irizar buses will operate around the streets of Genoa from August 2020.


Irizar ie 10.8m electric bus

With on-board energy of 350 kWh, these vehicles have a range of 220 km and have 3 doors, 20 seats, 1 driver’s seat, 1 wheelchair/pushchair area and a capacity for 81 passengers. They are equipped with technology developed by the Irizar Group, comprising electronics and communications technology, and also their main components and systems. The batteries are also Irizar’s own technology and conform to the latest European regulations R100.v2, R10.v5 and UN38.3 on electrical, thermal and mechanical safety.

The vehicles are charged overnight with 9 interoperable chargers with Combo 2 connectors, also developed and manufactured by the Irizar Group.

The bus is powered by a 180 kW motor, with 1,500 N·m of torque.

Italy is a strategic market for us, and with the awarding of this contract there are now 8 countries using our solutions and services. Genoa is a city with very narrow, inclined streets, which implies a need for a stringent operational set-up from an orographic standpoint, a challenge which we will most certainly overcome with the reliability of our products. After all, we offer turnkey projects that are fully customized and designed to meet the needs of the city and the users.

—Hector Olabegogeaskoetxea, Managing Director of Irizar e-mobility

Irizar Group has invested in the largest photovoltaic solar farm in the Basque Country and the energy generated in this farm supplies the Irizar e-mobility facility, making this the first completely clean energy factory that manufactures electric buses.


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