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New Flyer selected for the State of Oregon Transit Bus Cooperative Agreement

New Flyer of America Inc. announced that New Flyer has been selected by the Oregon State Government as an approved supplier of heavy-duty low-floor transit buses to the State of Oregon Heavy-Duty Transit Bus Price Agreement.

The agreement is for up to five years, including a base term of two years with options to extend for three additional one-year periods. Under the contract, New Flyer can provide a wide range of products on its proven Xcelsior platform, including thirty-five-foot and forty-foot buses offered in electric, low-emission diesel-electric hybrid, low-emission compressed natural gas (CNG), and clean diesel propulsions.

The agreement was procured through the Oregon State Department of Transportation (ODOT) in collaboration with the Oregon Department of Administrative Services, and simplifies the procurement of heavy-duty low-floor transit buses for State agencies of Oregon, Oregon Cooperative Procurement Program participants, authorized members to the State of Washington Master Contracts Usage Agreement, and upon execution of a cooperative interstate agreement with the State of Oregon, approved agencies within the State of Idaho and State of Alaska.

We commend the State of Oregon on a simplified procurement process for transit buses, touching four states and allowing its agencies access to safe and reliable mobility solutions to keep growing communities moving. We are excited to continue supporting Oregon’s leading transit agencies in delivering sustainable, accessible, and efficient transportation solutions, and also look forward to expanded mobility in the states of Washington, Idaho, and Alaska.

—Chris Stoddart, President, New Flyer

Since 1997, New Flyer has delivered nearly 450 buses in the state of Oregon, including the recent delivery of 40-foot battery-electric Xcelsior CHARGE buses delivered to Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet) in Portland. (Earlier post.)


Tri-Met welcomes its first battery-electric Xcelsior CHARGE transit bus.

Oregon’s transit systems provide more than 52 million miles and 3 million hours of transit service to more than 127 million rides per year. A fleet of more than 2,400 publicly owned transit vehicles serve Oregon, with ODOT resources helping purchase about half of these vehicles.

The contract aligns with New Flyer’s strategy of supporting state procurements and cooperative purchasing agreements, from which transit agencies within a prescribed region or defined list can purchase. These contracts, however, are not recorded in backlog as they do not have defined quantities allocated to NFI, or any other original equipment manufacturer. Once an agency purchases a bus under one of these agreements, the purchase is recorded as a firm order.

New Flyer is North America’s heavy-duty transit bus leader. It also offers infrastructure development through New Flyer Infrastructure Solutions, a service dedicated to providing safe, sustainable, and reliable charging and mobility solutions. New Flyer actively supports more than 41,000 heavy-duty transit buses (New Flyer, NABI, and Orion) currently in service, of which 7,300 are powered by electric motors and battery propulsion and 1,600 are zero-emission.



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