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Plug Power Inc. has launched its heavy-duty 125 kW ProGen zero emission hydrogen fuel-cell system. ProGen fuel cell systems include the fuel-cell stack and all required subsystems for humidification, air delivery, fuel regulation and cooling.

The new ProGen product expands Plug Power’s market reach into heavy-duty on and off-road applications that include Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks, transit buses and various port applications.


Plug Power ProGen units are designed to be plug-and-play complete fuel cell systems. The standard module is designed to simplify OEM and system integrators’ packaging into their commercial offerings. Production shipments of the heavy-duty systems are to begin in the third quarter of 2020.

The high performance compact 125 kW ProGen systems are available in a variety of output voltages, are equipped with cold start capability, and offer an intelligent can bus interface for seamless OEM integration. The modular ProGen engines are designed for use in series and parallel configurations to meet a variety of power needs including large scale stationary back-up systems.

The product launch follows the successful launch of the 30kW ProGen hydrogen system in April 2019. The 30 kW engine, suited for delivery vans or light/medium-duty cargo trucks, is being used in StreetScooter fuel cell-powered trucks for on-road in use by DHL.


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