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GPSC to build plant for 24M semi-solid batteries in Thailand; 30 MWh to start, 100 MWh in 2021

Global Power Synergy PLC (GPSC) is building a battery manufacturing facility in Thailand using 24M’s novel SemiSolid lithium-ion technology (earlier post). GPSC is the main power and utility company of PTT Group.


GPSC is a long-time partner of 24M. (Earlier post.) In May 2019, 24M delivered 40 grid-scale, 110 Amp-Hour (Ah) li-ion cells to GPSC. GPSC, in collaboration with PTT, Thailand’s state-owned energy company, is assembling these large format cells into 48V modules for stationary storage projects in Thailand and fielding them for application validation.

The delivery of those grid-scale battery cells based on a lithium iron phosphate cathode followed the delivery of high energy density, NMC-based EV cells to the United States Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC) in February 2019 (earlier post).

Construction of the new plant is expected to be completed and production commenced in December 2020. The initial investment is more than 1,100 million baht (US$35 million).

In the first phase, production capacity will be 30 MWh. GPSC plans to expand the production capacity to 100 MWh by 2021. In the long run, it will consider building a new commercial plant in another location. In the case of expanding the Giga Scale project, it is expected to be a joint venture with a customer partner in the energy industry.

Kyocera has also announced plans to build full-scale mass production using 24M technology. (Earlier post.)


24M’s cell and manufacturing platform provides higher energy enabled by the lowest inactive materials content in the industry, long cycle life and calendar life for grid or EV applications, and safety and abuse tolerance. 24M’s platform is adaptable to current and developing chemistries.


Earlier GCC mentioned 24M had achieved energy density of more than 350Wh/kg, with improved cycle life, safety and cost.

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