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Tyrata to demo IntelliTread Drive-Over System with integrated RFID

Tyrata, Inc., a tire sensor and data management company, will demonstrate its IntelliTread Drive-Over System (DOS) with integrated RFID technology at the Tire Technology Expo in Hanover, Germany.

The RFID technology enables the DOS to correlate tread-depth information of each individual tire as part of an asset management system. The DOS fully automates tire tread monitoring. This not only eliminates the labor associated with manual tread measurements, but also improves accuracy, enables scalability and identifies significant cost reduction for fleet managers.

Tyrata is utilizing innovative RFID solutions from FineLine Technologies to track, trace and validate vehicle tires. Each tire is properly identified via the FineLine RFID solution, and monitored for tread wear via the DOS.

The noninvasive, easy-to-install tire wear monitoring system can measure tread depth on a variety of tire sizes, from passenger and light truck to commercial truck and bus radial (TBR) tires. The real-time measurement is collected when a vehicle drives over the low-profile, speedbump-like unit and the data is automatically correlated with each individual tire using the RFID tag.

The DOS is based on solid-state sensor technology, is low maintenance and insensitive to road and tire debris. Customers purchase DOS data for tires on a monthly basis with no upfront hardware costs and no additional maintenance or software fees.

The DOS is available for customer testing and is currently being validated with the Durham City Transportation Corporation bus system. The company anticipates expansion of testing to additional transportation service organizations within the Durham, North Carolina area, as well as other customers in the near future.


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