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By investing in R&D and performing fundamental studies of the different carrier systems and their properties, Topsoe has developed a new and more robust carrier system. This system forms the basis for the new TITAN series of steam reforming catalysts. The series, launched earlier this month at the Nitrogen+Syngas Conference 2020, consists of RC-67 TITAN and RK-500 TITAN catalysts.

The catalysts will be used in processes including the production of ammonia, dimethyl ether, formaldehyde, hydrogen, methanol and syngas.

The advanced TITAN series of calcium aluminate catalysts is hibonite-rich and promoted with titanium having exceptional mechanical strength for boosting reliability and efficiency. The TITAN series offers improved performance and longer catalyst lifetime due to their hibonite-rich composition. Hibonite is a mineral with a hardness of 7.5–8.0 and a hexagonal crystal structure found in high-grade metamorphic rocks on Madagascar.

Topsoe launches TITAN™ steam reforming catalyst series with boosted reliability and efficiency

Prior to the launch, 20 selected customers got to experience the excellent properties and high performance of the TITAN series, including 8% reduction in pressure drop, and 25% higher catalytic activity when compared to conventional catalysts available on the market.

The hibonite-rich composition of the catalysts provides a performance boost which becomes especially evident after long operation. The seven-hole cylindrical shape yields both a very low pressure drop and a high surface area.

Sudden pressure drop build-ups in syngas plants can cause unscheduled downtime and cost millions of dollars. Moreover, thermal instability during operation can lead to operational risk and reduce plant lifetime.

Topsoe says that the TITAN series of steam reforming catalysts can mitigate these risks. With improved performance and better stability, the series guarantees a longer catalyst lifetime and trouble-free operation. The catalysts have high activity and low pressure drop, which ensures lower operating costs, increased profit margins, and reduced energy usage.


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