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At the Bosch Connected World 2020 (BCW) conference in Berlin, Human Horizons initiated an agreement with Bosch Connected Mobility Solutions for further cooperation on Bosch’s Battery in the Cloud technology. (Earlier post.)


This technology connects electric-vehicle batteries with the cloud to extend battery life, substantially improve the battery’s performance and service. The Battery in the Cloud is based on three key steps:

  1. Current battery data is collected and pre-filtered by the telematics control unit (TCU) in the vehicles and is then transmitted to a server—generally the Bosch cloud.

  2. The data in the cloud is analyzed using software algorithms based on electrochemical, physical, and statistical models. Artificial intelligence methods are then used to calculate predictions about the condition of the respective vehicle battery and to determine its optimal parameter configuration. Additional external cloud data, such as weather and traffic conditions, map data, and available charging stations, is also factored into these calculations.

  3. The results that have been determined for the individual vehicle battery (e.g. recommendations, condition reports, new operating parameters) are transmitted from the cloud to the vehicle, and the new parameter configuration is subsequently implemented in the battery. rvice models are also an option depending on the customer’s wishes.

At each of these steps, the Bosch cloud provides a maximum in security during data transmission through a sophisticated security architecture involving end-to-end encryption.

In April 2019, Human Horizons and Bosch entered into strategic cooperation on Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) solutions for broader collaboration in addition to many technologies such as remote diagnostics, which will be applied to the HiPhi 1.

HiPhi is a premium brand created by Human Horizons; HiPhi 1 is a premium EV with a lightweight hybrid-aluminum construction.

Human Horizons is an innovative technology company committed to future intelligent mobility with its 3-Smart strategy of Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation and Smart City. Over the past years, Human Horizons has embraced collaboration with Bosch Connected Mobility Solutions to bring smart vehicle technologies to Human Horizons’ smart vehicle.

Today, the power of such collaboration is further strengthened. Bosch and Human Horizons will work together to connect the system and services inside and outside vehicles, transforming them into intelligent mobility solutions. Including FOTA and Battery in the Cloud, and in the near future, this close relationship will play an important role in the cooperation in remote diagnostics, and other intelligent and connected mobility solutions.

—Dr. Elmar Pritsch, President of Bosch Connected Mobility Solutions

In this agreement, Bosch and Human Horizons plan to cooperate on Battery in the Cloud service. This technology intends to improve the performance of EVs in the areas of HV battery life, charging efficiency, EV user experience and prediction of battery failures and downtime. EV battery life is expected enhanced by up to 20%, or charging speed increased by up to 20%.

Very precise State of Health (SOH) calculations and forecasts can be used to further strengthen early detection of battery-related malfunctions, and establish the foundation for predictive maintenance to avoid downtime and enhance the user experience.


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