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Trillium orders 1 MW containerized PEM electrolyzer from Nel for fuel cell bus fleet in Illinois

Trillium Transportation Fuels, LLC has ordered a 1 megawatt containerized Proton PEM electrolyzer from Nel Hydrogen US, a subsidiary of Nel ASA. The electrolyzer will be used to produce hydrogen for a fleet of fuel cell electric buses in Urbana, Illinois.

Trillium will produce green hydrogen for a fleet of up to 12 fuel cell electric buses at the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District (MTD).

The contract for equipment and associated services has a value of approximately US$2.2 million, and the electrolyzer will be delivered late 2020. The project is supported by the Federal Transit Administration and the State of Illinois.



Per Think Progress, "battery prices have been dropping so rapidly that the differential in upfront cost is now closer to $200,000."

Basically, for the price of the electrolyzer the entire fleet of buses could have been battery-electric instead of hypedrogen... and saved more than 50% on electricity as well.



Don't confuse people with math and facts:) But, yes, there is little reason to use fuel cells for transit buses as there are a number of battery electric buses that will get the job done for less capital, energy, and maintenance cost.


Well maths and facts tell you that a battery electric bus will stand on the charger for significant amounts of time of the day and time is... Well, I should not have to tell you that.

Hydrogen is perfect for public transport, delivery vans, trucks etc that need to keep moving all day long. Fueling is fast and greener every day.

Also... note that the world does not produce enough raw materials for everything to go battery-electric. And producing the materials is SUPER stressing for the environment.

BEVs are great. FCEVs are great. Both are most likely needed for better future and that will change the world. Lets just het along!


Careful, logical thought will get you insulted.

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