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Workhorse C-Series electric delivery trucks receive EPA’s Certificate of Conformity

Workhorse Group announced that its new C-Series all-electric delivery trucks (earlier post) have each received a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certificate of Conformity.


A Certificate of Conformity is issued by the EPA to a vehicle manufacturer to officially confirm that a specific vehicle class conforms to all EPA regulations and emission standards. With this approval, the vehicle class also has the right and authority to operate on US roads and highways.

Workhorse C-Series vehicles are powered by a modular battery pack system, which provides between 35 kWh when equipped with two battery packs and 105 kWh in its largest, six-pack configuration, empowering customers to choose the right energy requirement for specific duty cycles.

Depending on the size of battery pack installation, range is expected to be between 100 and 150 miles on a single charge, while achieving approximately 53 miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (MPGe).

Workhorse’s C-Series has also completed proving ground tests to provide data for final calibration of its (ABS) antilock brake functionality.


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