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GM tripling employee workplace electric vehicle charging availability across US and Canada

General Motors is making electric vehicle charging for employees even more accessible with the addition of 3,500 new EV charging plugs throughout its US and Canadian facilities. This will triple the amount of charging locations that GM currently provides.

Increasing the number of EV charging locations available to consumers is one of the top contributors to growing EV adoption. GM believes charging should be ubiquitous and is working with charging providers to offer EV owners options on where to charge. With the internal popularity of the Chevrolet Bolt EV, and with the well-publicized GMC and Cadillac models that will roll out in the future, GM is committed to ensuring that all employees are able to charge their vehicles conveniently as the employee EV-owner population grows.

Currently, GM helps owners connect with certified at-home charging electricians through Qmerit and recently made enhancements to its Energy Assist feature in the latest version of the myChevrolet app to provide Chevrolet Bolt EV owners improved access to a nationwide network of public charging locations and real-time location data.

Workplace charging is a primary charging source for many EV drivers, yet 900,000 out of 1 million EV drivers are not able to charge their vehicles at work. Availability of workplace chargers has been shown to encourage EV adoption, and drivers are six times more likely to drive an EV when charging capabilities are provided at their workplace.

GM will prioritize charging installation sites based on employee need and will work with charging infrastructure companies to begin installing the charging locations starting in late 2020. GM employees will have access to Level 2 charging, ideal for efficiently charging EVs throughout a workday. Level 2 chargers can charge the current Chevrolet Bolt EV model up to a speed of 25 miles every hour.

GM recently accelerated its commitment to power 100% of global operations with renewable energy by 2040. In the US, 100% of facilities will be powered with renewable energy by 2030, which means the EVs charged at GM campuses will eventually all be powered by a green grid.


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