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Faraday Future partners with US Hybrid to provide electric powertrain units for commercial applications

EV developer Faraday Future and US Hybrid Corporation are collaborating to advance the use of FF’s electric propulsion system in new energy products currently under development by US Hybrid.

FF is committed to the development of EV solutions along with US Hybrid to support California’s drive towards zero emissions for commercial vehicles. The collaboration between these two companies will work to expand the use of FF’s technology—first developed for passenger vehicles—into the commercial vehicle space with new and exciting solutions.


Specifically, the partnership with US Hybrid will provide cost effective, efficient, lightweight, advanced powertrain systems for commercial medium- and heavy-duty (MD/HD) shuttle buses and drayage trucks. The partnership synergizes FF’s investment in advanced powertrain systems and US Hybrid’s experience in MD/HD vehicle powertrain designs utilized on battery and fuel cell electric buses and trucks.

The FF propulsion system is a modular system that can support different customer needs. The motor drive units can be used in one-, two- and three-motor configurations, while FF’s high energy battery strings can be combined in any number that the customer and vehicle specs require.

US Hybrid specializes in the design and manufacture of power conversion systems for MD/HD electric, hybrid, and fuel cell commercial buses and trucks to enable them to become more reliable and fuel-efficient, with lower emissions and better responsiveness.

US Hybrid is pleased to partner with FF in order to help expand the manufacturing of innovative zero emission powertrain components that reduce vehicle weight and cost while increasing efficiency for electric, hybrid, and fuel cell medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles. We are thrilled to provide commercially viable solutions that ultimately support ports, good movements and municipalities in achieving their air quality improvement and environmental goals.

—Dr. Abas Goodarzi, CEO of US Hybrid


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