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Momentum Dynamics Corporation, a developer of high-power wireless charging for electric vehicles, and CEVT, an innovation company for Zhejiang Geely Holding Group based in Sweden, have demonstrated high-power wireless charging on a passenger vehicle with autonomous parking.

This demonstration highlights autonomous parking combined with high-power autonomous charging in a commercially-available vehicle. This passenger vehicle demonstration demonstrates the feasibility of charging electric vehicles automatically without the need for human attendance.

The next phase of development is to advance this technology into other vehicle types and use cases, including fleets, garages, forecourts, and other public charging locations.

The team was faced with the technical challenge of combining alignment feedback with autonomous parking and then integrating the system into vehicle in a short period of time.

Using Momentum Dynamics’ real-time alignment feedback and CEVT’s automatic parking capabilities, the vehicle was able to maneuver and stop automatically within the alignment tolerance in every test and then begin to charge automatically.

Wireless charging has clear applications in distributed fleet situations such as last-mile delivery: it is important for fleet efficiency that autonomous delivery vehicles can continue in service while automatically charging in strategic locations, without the need for a person or complex robot to dock the vehicle to a cable-based charging port.

Automatic wireless charging is the inevitable future of EV charging. No other system can match the efficiency, cost effectiveness and convenience of truly hands-free high-power wireless charging, where no human or mechanical interaction between the charger and the vehicle is required. Our high-power, modular system means that commercial applications can now be realized at scale and at the lowest operational cost of any type of electric fueling system.

—Momentum Dynamics CEO Andrew Daga

Momentum Dynamics is the market-leading original technology developer of high-power, efficient automatic wireless charging systems for the automotive and transportation industries with real-world technology in operation that proves the capability and need for fast, automated opportunity charging of electric vehicles.

In transit bus applications, Momentum’s system has been proven through years of service at effective power levels of more than 200 kW and the system is capable of delivering 450 kW.

CEVT is an innovation and development center for future technologies of Geely Holding Group with the purpose of being at the forefront of new developments in mobility. CEVT consists of some 2,000 people with offices in Gothenburg and Trollhättan in Sweden and currently works on projects for the car brands Volvo Cars, Geely Auto, Lynk & Co and Lotus. CEVT is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group.


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