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Nissan, Mitsubishi opt for Toshiba SCiB rechargeable battery for hybrid kei cars

Toshiba Corporation announced that Nissan Motor Corporation has selected its innovative SCiB lithium-ion rechargeable battery for the latest generation of its ROOX and ROOX Highway STAR cars and that Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has selected the SCiB battery for the latest generation of its eK X space and eK space cars. The battery will be integrated into the recuperation battery system supplied by Marelli Corporation.


Toshiba 10 Ah SCiB

In 2019, Nissan and Mitsubishi announced they would introduce new kei cars as their collaboration expanded.

The simple hybrid system of the Nissan and Mitsubishi kei cars harvests kinetic energy during deceleration to charge the SCiB, which drives an electric motor that assists the engine—and reduces gasoline consumption—during vehicle start, acceleration and moving from idling.


Nissan ROOX (left) and Mitsubishi eK space (right)

The SCiB battery’s lithium titanium oxide negative electrode excels in rapid charging performance, long life and high energy input and output, all characteristic highly suited for start-stop and mild hybrid systems.

Toshiba Group has positioned the SCiB as a new growth business under the Toshiba Next Plan, Toshiba Group’s five-year transformation plan. Toshiba Group will continue to strengthen its battery business, taking advantages of the characteristics of the SCiB.



It’s a hybrid, and a very “mild” one. What a waste of space this announcement is. Lame.


In some countries this is useful, the battery lasts a LONG time.

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