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SDK Group to mass-produce SPALF packaging material for large Li-ion pouch cells for EVs

Showa Denko Packaging Co., Ltd. (SPA), a consolidated subsidiary of Showa Denko K.K. (SDK), has developed a new product to be added to the lineup of SPALF aluminum laminate film used as packaging material for pouch-type lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), and will mass-produce the new product. This new product is specialized for large-sized LIBs, used mainly in electric vehicles. Operation of the new production equipment is scheduled to be started in March 2021.


SPALF is laminated composite film consisting of resin films and aluminum foil, and is mainly used as packaging material for pouch-type LIBs. SPALF’s performance in electrical insulation, plasticity and resistance to corrosion is very high.

SDK and SPA cooperatively developed this next-generation heat radiator through fusion of heat-radiation technology fostered by long-time operation of the aluminum radiator/heat-exchanger business and lamination technology.

Pouch-type LIBs have outstanding flexibility in shaping. Therefore, they are used in many kinds of small devices including smartphones and tablets. Moreover, in recent years, pouch-type LIBs have begun to be widely used in large-sized equipment including EVs because pouch-type LIBs’ high quality has been widely recognized and there has been considerable progress in verification of pouch-type LIBs’ safety.


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