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Cummins increases investment in Loop Energy and fuel cells for commercial transport applications

Loop Energy, a provider of fuel-cell-electric range-extenders for medium- and heavy-duty transport applications, has received an additional cash investment from Cummins Inc. The further investment was made following Loop’s successful completion of milestone requirements established at the time of Cummins initial investment in September 2019. (Earlier post.)


Loop Energy fuel-cell range extenders comein 30 kW and 50 kW versions.

Funds from the strategic financing will be used to further accelerate the company’s product development activities, project deployments, and growth plans as the Company expands its technical leadership in medium and heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell bus and trucking applications.

The role of commercial freight transport in a clean and sustainable energy future is driving industry leaders to invest in a range of power solutions including fuel cell technologies due to their long range, responsive power and quick refueling capabilities. Loop’s fuel-cell range-extended power solutions provide industry-leading power density and cost advantages, ensuring no impact to a trucking operator’s cost-of ownership, but with zero emissions.

We are pleased to partner with Loop Energy and further support its efforts to develop a zero-emission fuel cell range-extended powertrain. Cummins is committed to investing in an energy diverse future, including fuel cell electrification, to offer our customers the power of choice. This is our latest investment in clean, high-performing products with differentiated technologies that will help us deliver value to customers in key markets.

— Ewald, Vice President of Strategy and New Power, Cummins

Wayne Eckerle, Cummins Vice President of Global Research and Technology, has been appointed to Loop Energy’s Board of Directors, effective immediately.


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