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Loop Energy receives fuel-cell range-extender order for transit buses in Nanjing

Loop Energy, a mobile-power company providing hydrogen-fuel-cell-based solutions for the medium-to-heavy duty vehicle market, has received a purchase order from a leading bus manufacturer in China to support the Nanjing municipal government’s objective of replacing its existing 7,000-unit battery-electric bus fleet with an improved battery-hydrogen hybrid alternative that offers all-season, long-range, and higher passenger-capacity operation.

The multiple-unit range extender order, which represents the start of a long-term commercial agreement with a total estimated value of approximately US$15 million over a three-year period, follows the receipt of product certification for Loop’s 50 kW Fuel Cell Range Extender Module series from the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), a national independent testing and certification organization for vehicular products in China.

We are pleased to receive this initial order for Loop’s 50 kW fuel cell range extenders immediately following the earning of product certification from CATARC, who is widely recognized as one of the premier vehicle testing organizations worldwide. This agreement marks an important milestone for Loop as it signifies a ramp-up of commercial activity, but it is also a testament to the growing market recognition of Loop product’s performance and cost advantages. We look forward to building on this momentum as we expand our market footprint in China, Europe and other international markets.

—Ben Nyland, President and Chief Executive Officer of Loop Energy

As the company’s premier product for heavy-duty trucks and buses, Loop Energy’s 50 kW range extenders unlock multiple cost and performance benefits over traditional fuel cell designs including the industry’s highest power density which results in substantial fuel cell manufacturing and system integration cost advantages.

Certified to GB/T standards, Loop Energy’s range extender is officially listed with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) and approved for vehicle indexing, enabling original equipment manufacturers to select Loop Energy’s product for integration into market-ready fuel cell electric vehicles in China.

Cummins Inc. recently increased its investment in Loop Energy, following Loop’s successful completion of milestone requirements established at the time of Cummins initial investment in September 2019. (Earlier post.)


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