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ArcelorMittal begins 3D-printing ventilators and face shields

ArcelorMittal has joined forces with leading researchers and medical professionals in Spain to produce ventilators. Working in full coordination with the Minister of Innovation for the Asturias Region, Spain, the ventilators have been produced using 3D printing and took one week to design.

The ventilators are currently undergoing trials and safety tests and will be contingent on regulatory approval. Once approved, they could support patients with acute respiratory difficulties, which occur in severe cases of coronavirus.

Spanish health authorities have also asked ArcelorMittal’s Research & Development team based in Avilés, Spain to support and develop 3D printed face shields for health professionals. In the space of two days, the team designed and created two types of face shields, including:

  • Face shields attached to the head. These will be used by doctors, medical professionals and pulpit operators of the plant in Asturias. ArcelorMittal has already started delivering more than 350 to hospitals in Asturias and 300 to the plant for an order of 1000. It hopes to have 4000 available next week, each costing less than €5. ArcelorMittal Mexico is also producing a similar design.

  • Face shields attached to the helmet. These are predominantly for use in the company’s plants. It is currently producing 1,000 for the plant in Asturias, each costing less than €5.

ArcelorMittal is currently working with a number of external partners to enable large scale production of these face shields.

Enabling a rapid supply of ventilators and face shields is critical in helping beat this virus and I am very proud that our company and our people are able to contribute their skills and expertise to help make this a reality.

—Lakshmi N Mittal, Chairman and CEO of ArcelorMittal


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