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HUBER+SUHNER, a leading global supplier of electrical and optical connectivity solutions, launched its latest off-the-shelf High Voltage Distribution solution for every type of electric vehicle (EV): the modular High Voltage Distribution Unit (mHVDU). Managing up to 800 Volts DC, the mHVDU is effective in cases of extreme usage in harsh environments.

The configurable nature of this modular solution offers a great benefit to automotive manufacturers, with the box being able to fit into the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) development process (APQP) due to its compatible fuse configuration and complete interoperability.

The harmonized system of the mHVDU, designed and equipped with a wide-range of standardized components, can be configured to meet the individual requirements of all types of electric vehicles, whether on land, in the water or in the air, in which high voltage needs to be distributed.

The mHVDU’s standardised components offer space, weight and cost savings and have resulted in a reduction in lead time from twelve weeks to just two to four weeks, which makes a huge difference to the manufacturing process of EVs.

—Malte Frohberg, Head of Product and Portfolio Management, Low Frequency Automotive at HUBER+SUHNER

The mHVDU offers a multitude of benefits to automotive manufacturers, from validation to international automotive standards and specifications to space, weight and cost savings through its simplified housing design and standardized components.

When it comes to the performance of EVs, it can be challenging to ensure an EV holds the HV power during a wide range of driving conditions. To be most effective, HV automotive connectivity solutions must be able to withstand temperature fluctuations, vibrations and mechanical impact to ensure the HV cables and components that are operating within the vehicle are secure and protected.

The mHVDU is designed to withstand the roughest and harshest environments, while its harmony with the extensive HUBER+SUHNER high voltage portfolio offers manufacturers a complete cable system with a truly plug and play, ready-to-use solution.

—Malte Frohberg

Due to its extensive experience in the automotive industry, HUBER+SUHNER is an expert in transmitting, connecting and distributing power within electric vehicles and is the go-to partner for high voltage applications. Its technology solutions cover the entire automotive ecosystem, including cables, charging systems and charging cables and are designed to work across autonomous, hybrid, electric and conventional vehicles.


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