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Neste is bringing Neste MY Renewable Diesel to a significant number of new stations during April and May 2020 in Finland. With the expansion, Neste MY Renewable Diesel will be available at around 120 stations in growth centers as well as smaller towns.

The number of distribution points will be expanded from 70 stations to 120 stations during the spring. The number of fuel supply points for light traffic will increase by 37 new stations, 24 of which will be located in regions where Neste MY Renewable Diesel has not been previously available. For commercial vehicles, there will be 13 new stations, which means that distribution will be expanded to 11 new regions.

The demand for Neste MY Renewable Diesel has gone up in the last year among businesses and private customers. In 2019, a few hundred companies in different industries adopted renewable diesel in order to cut their emissions. In light traffic, up to 20% of the diesel sales of the stations offering the product is Neste MY Renewable Diesel. For some stations offering Neste MY Renewable Diesel in the Helsinki region and Lahti, its share of diesel sales has increased to more than 40%.

Finland is known to have an old car fleet—for example, cars purchased this year are only expected to be scrapped around 2040. Also, heavy transportation in Finland will be using diesel for a long time to come. According to our recent survey, a third of Finns would be ready to switch from fossil fuels to a more environmentally friendly alternative within two years. A total of 43% of respondents could consider switching from a current gas or diesel car to an electric or gas car over the next ten years. It is clear that all solutions are necessary and that they should be continuously developed.

—Katri Taskinen, Vice President responsible for the sales of the Neste station network in Finland

Renewable fuels are an effective way to reduce road transportation emissions, and they are suitable for the current car fleet. Neste MY Renewable Diesel was launched in January 2017 in Finland, and its demand has increased significantly in a short period of time.

In addition to Finland, Neste MY Renewable Diesel is available in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden and the Netherlands as well as in the United States in California and Oregon.


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