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ViriCiti launches automatic tool for all-electric mode for BAE Systems’ Series-ER electric hybrid buses

ViriCiti, in collaboration with BAE Systems, has developed a new functionality that enables fleet operators with Series-ER (Electric Range) electric hybrid systems on transit buses to switch the engine on or off automatically in predefined geofenced areas.

BAE Systems’ Series-ER all-electric mode is accessible to operators via ViriCiti’s intuitive online platform, where new GPS geofenced areas can be defined and edited in a matter of seconds, without the need of a third party.


With ViriCiti’s cloud-based solution, as soon as a bus enters a geofenced area, a signal is sent automatically to the engine to switch off. Once the bus exits the area, the engine will automatically turn back on.

In addition to decreasing air pollution in densely populated areas or near bus stops, the new functionality will also help the Series-ER lower noise pollution, improve fuel mileage, and increase “engine-off” time.

Currently, BAE Systems estimates that there are more than 1,000 buses that run on its innovative Series-ER electric hybrid power and propulsion systems.

BAE Systems’ Series-ER system uses an efficient, power-dense on-board energy storage system to power buses. With increased capacity, the system provides extended electric travel time and distance without the need for the buses to stop and recharge. This allows buses to run longer on electric power and eliminates the need to add large and costly charging infrastructure.


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