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Air Liquide introducing next-gen hydrogen stations

Air Liquide is introducing next-generation hydrogen stations with a high capacity of 1,000 kg and dual filling positions capable of filling 250 vehicles per day. Air Liquide’s high capacity gaseous hydrogen station can provide 700 bar fills at T40 temperatures per SAE J2601 protocol.

Air Liquide integrates compression, high pressure storage, and cooling on a single skid. Not only does this reduce the overall footprint, but allows for an easier installation.


The station skid measures 28' x 9'6" x 13'4'. Its footprint does not include hydrogen source/storage, dispenser(s), or utilities.

Complementing this station technology, Air Liquide recently announced the development of the first portable hydrogen station.



Any info on price?

Time of repressurization?



I am not sure what you are thinking about in 'time of repressurisation'

The hydroge is stored at high pressure, so charging a vehicle is not going to affect that and no repressurisation is required, AFAIK


For industrial equipment there is not normally a price list, and the link does not show prices.

Price would likely depend on whether you want one of them, or 50.

Ing. A.S.Stefanes

@Davemart repressurization is applicable. Likely there are cilinders with stored H2 at 200-350 bar, which, with the help of a (diaphragm/ piston/ etc.) compressor will be booted to 700 bar and stored in a buffer vessel. So after a few refuelings, the compressor will repressurize the buffer vessel.

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