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Copper Mark announces first two participants in Assurance Framework

The Copper Mark (earlier post) announced the first two participants in the Copper Mark Assurance Framework: Oyu Tolgoi LLC, Mongolia; and Kennecott Utah Copper LLC, USA.

These two copper producers have submitted letters of commitment (publicly available here) and initiated the process to carry out the Copper Mark Assurance Process.

The Copper Mark is an assurance framework available for the copper industry to demonstrate its responsible production practices and its contribution to the United Nations SDGs.

In order to be identified as a contributor to SDG 12 and receive the Copper Mark, copper producers will be assessed against a set of responsible production criteria defined by the Risk Readiness Assessment (RRA) created by the Responsible Minerals Initiative. The RRA comprises 32 environmental, social and governance issue areas associated with sourcing minerals and metals. For each issue area, the RRA specifies a management practice.

These management practices are known as the industry norm and are derived from the requirements of voluntary sustainability standards that are commonly used in the minerals and metals supply chains and are representative of good management practices. At the core of the RRA is the concept of simplicity, defined as the need to maintain a limited number of industry norms covering the core environmental, social and governance issue areas.

Developed and funded by the International Copper Association (ICA), the Copper Mark is incorporated as an independent entity headquartered in the United Kingdom.


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