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ITM Power establishing subsidiary to build, own and operate H2 refueling stations

ITM Power is establishing ITM Motive as a separate, wholly owned subsidiary for building, owning and operating a portfolio of hydrogen refueling stations in the UK. On establishment, ITM Motive will own and operate a network of eight publicly accessible hydrogen refueling stations, which will expand to 11 by the end of 2020. Each station incorporates an ITM Power electrolyzer and a Linde IC90 compression, storage and dispensing system.

ITM Power has successfully sourced both UK and EU funding to support the build and deployment costs, and developed a siting agreement with Shell for deployment on their forecourts in the UK.

The company has demonstrated (in close collaboration with Linde) a world-class station availability of 98% which is encouraging further fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) roll out in the UK.

ITM Motive’s sites in the UK continue to be operational as part of the essential services provided during the current lockdown, refueling vehicles for the Metropolitan Police and Green Tomato cars (which is providing transport for NHS staff) among others.

ITM Power manufactures integrated hydrogen energy solutions for grid balancing, energy storage and the production of renewable hydrogen for transport, renewable heat and chemicals.

In October 2019, the Company announced the completion of a £58.8-million (US$73-million) fundraise, including a subscription by Linde of £38 million (US$47 million), together with the formation of a joint-venture with Linde to focus on delivering renewable hydrogen to large scale industrial projects worldwide.

ITM Power signed a forecourt siting agreement with Shell for hydrogen refueling stations in September 2015, (which was extended in May 2019 to include buses, trucks, trains and ships) and in January 2018 a deal to deploy a 10MW electrolyzer at Shell’s Rhineland refinery.

ITM Power announced the lease of the world’s largest electrolyzer factory in Sheffield with a capacity of 1GW (1,000MW) per annum in July 2019. Customers and partners include Sumitomo, Ørsted, Phillips 66, National Grid, Cadent, Northern Gas Networks, Gasunie, RWE, Engie, BOC Linde, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai and Anglo American among others.



To clarify what ITM is doing in Sheffield, this is a PEM electrolyser manufacturing unit, capable of producing electrolysers with an output of 1GW in a year.

So this is proper industrial scale capacity, bearing in mind that electrolysers don't need to be centralysed the way natural gas plants do.


Hydrogen can be produced at point of use,
the NG pipes and electric lines go where you want.

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