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Groupe PSA & Punch Powertrain to form second JV to expand electrification partnership; DT2 for MHEV and PHEV

Groupe PSA and Punch Powertrain have signed an agreement to establish a second Joint Venture and to expand their strategic partnership in the field of electrification. Punch Powertrain holds majority control in the new Joint 61/39 Venture, which will design, manufacture, and supply Punch Powertrain’s DT2 dual clutch transmission for the industry’s next generation of mild hybrid electric (MHEV) and plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicles.


The business will initially supply Groupe PSA’s global operations and aims to supply other vehicle manufacturers worldwide. The Joint Venture agreement is subject to customary regulatory approvals.

Punch Powertrain will contribute its DT2-related business unit, including world-class engineering, manufacturing, and support functions to the new entity which is expected to be operational by the third quarter 2020. Punch Powertrain will also transfer its current DT2-related facilities in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, and Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In turn, Groupe PSA will make a cash investment in the Joint Venture.

The new Joint Venture, “Punch Powertrain PSA e-transmissions”, will supply Punch Powertrain DT2 dual clutch transmission—the first in the industry to integrate an electric motor in a mild hybrid electric vehicle.

This latest Joint Venture will supply one of the industry’s first 48V solutions to equip mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEV).

A high voltage variant of the DT2 is designed for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and allows full electrically powered driving.

In April 2019 Groupe PSA and Punch Powertrain originally signed an agreement to establish their first Joint Venture “Punch Powertrain PSA e-transmissions assembly”. This Joint Venture will assemble the future generation of electrified transmissions (e-DCT) at Groupe PSA’s facility in Metz, France, starting in 2022. This breakthrough transmission will equip Groupe PSA’s next generation of hybrid vehicles.



Mild Hybrid is a euphemism for a ICEV.


Car makers and OEMs can put SOME hybrid in transmissions, it does not take a lot. If you can get economies of scale by doing a common transmission used by several manufacturers, they could drive costs down.

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MHEV do not look like a good electric option anymore, maybe a standard feature on all ICEV. However, the high voltage variant of the Punch Powertrain DT2 designed for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) could be worthwhile particularly for low end vehicles (below $30k).
For high end vehicles ($40k and above) Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (now part of Groupe PSA) will use the ZF eight-speed automatic transmissions for use in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles.


I'm convinced that Tesla's first attempt with a two-gear tranny was a better approach than their final solution. A low gear for tugging a trailer (up to 60 mph) causes far less strain on the battery. I would welcome a two gear tranny as standard equipment on every BEV.


Perhaps as an option since some don't tow. In fact many designers of inhub motors are trying to completely eliminating any gearing of the final drive, i.e., differentials and reduction gearing because efficiency is loss in the mashing of gears.

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