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Spain’s Zeleros raises €7M for development of hyperloop in Europe

Zeleros Hyperloop has completed a financing round worth more than €7 million. The company now starts a new phase in the development of its unique version of hyperloop, with the support of companies such as Altran, Grupo Red Eléctrica and also strategic investors at national and international level, including among others Goldacre Ventures (United Kingdom), Road Ventures (Switzerland), Plug and Play (USA), and the Spanish Angels Capital and MBHA.

The funds will be used to further development of Zeleros’ hyperloop vehicle and its core technologies, which place them as the best alternative to cover efficiently routes between 400 and 1,500 kilometers in distance, with special benefits such as the reduction of the overall infrastructure costs and the operation at safer pressures for passengers.

The next step will be the deployment of the European Hyperloop Development Center in Spain, including a 3-km test-track to demonstrate the effectiveness of its technologies at high speed. The aim of this project is to accelerate the development of the hyperloop industry in Europe, by creating an ecosystem of international industrial, technological and institutional partners.



Duplication of E. Musk efforts.

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