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Octillion supplying Lightning Systems with batteries for medium-duty electric trucks, new mobile charger

Octillion Power Systems, a provider of advanced lithium-ion storage systems for electric mobility, is working with Lightning Systems, a developer of zero-emission drivetrains for commercial vehicles. The collaboration will produce Class 6 electric trucks (up to 12.5 tons) capable of supporting “middle-mile” delivery logistics between warehouses and distribution centers.

Octillion also is supplying batteries for Lightning’s new mobile battery charger, which can be rapidly deployed to provide fast roadside charging to support the operation of electric fleet vehicles. The mobile charger offers the capability to recharge EVs on their routes, which allows fleets to maximize vehicle uptime.

All-electric and electric  fuel cell-powered models of Chevrolet’s 6500XD Low Cab Forward model  powered by Octillion batteries  are offered by Lightning Systems and Plug Power

All-electric and electric, fuel cell-powered models of Chevrolet’s 6500XD Low Cab Forward model, powered by Octillion batteries, are offered by Lightning Systems and Plug Power.

Lightning’s electric, fuel cell-powered Class 6 truck offered by Plug Power Inc. is available beginning in the third quarter of 2020. Lightning’s all-electric version of the truck also is powered by Octillion’s batteries, which are offered in configurable energy systems of 96kWh, 128kWh, 160kWh and 192kWh.

Octillion has customized its battery offerings to address the “sweet spot” in the E-trucking mobility sector—the medium-duty truck segment—where the potential to reduce fleet operational costs and improve sustainability are the greatest.

Mid-range trucks make an ideal target for electrification because they are heavily used for intracity deliveries with dedicated routes and return daily to depots with shared infrastructures that can readily accommodate overnight dwell times for charging. Recent studies have found that the return on investment for electric Classes 3-6 trucks in urban settings makes them an ideal option for sustainable freight hauls in the less than 100-mile range.

—Paul Beach, Octillion’s president

Lightning’s new mobile battery charger is equipped with 192 kWh of high-energy-density, liquid-cooled DC battery storage in a package designed to be installed in a vehicle or trailer for mobile deployment. Lightning Mobile gives fleets the capability to provide a “power rescue” vehicle that offers roadside charging and also is able to recharge EVs on their routes.

Octillion is a Tier 1 supplier of advanced energy storage systems and electric drivetrain components. Currently, the company has more than 1 gigawatt-hour of production capacity online and in operation, and output of more than 50 megawatt-hours of battery packs per month. Twenty percent of the electric vehicles in China today are using Octillion batteries. Octillion can produce fully-functional battery-pack prototypes in under 45 days.


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