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Constellium SE signed a multi-year contract with Airbus. The new 10-year agreement supports all Airbus programs. Under this agreement, Constellium will supply Airbus with a broad range of advanced aluminum rolled and extruded products, including wing skin panels, sheets for fuselage panels, and rectangular and pre-machined plates for structural components.

Constellium will continue to supply its proprietary aluminum-lithium alloy solutions, Airware, a proven technology offering a combination of unique strength and weight properties. Combining aluminum, copper, silver, and lithium, Airware features much lower density, higher stiffness, and better damage tolerance.


Seven different Constellium Airware alloys are flying today for applications such as bare exterior fuselage skin, stringers, floor structure and seat tracks, window frames, and large internal wing and fuselage components.

When combined with advance welding and redesign of aircraft aerostructure, Airware delivers up to 25% weight reduction.


Two new casting units were built to produce Airware. Issoire plant in France was equipped with the very first industrial casthouse in the world capable to produce Airware. The Constellium Technology Center in Voreppe, France, also has a new casting unit dedicated to the development of new Airware applications.

Constellium will supply Airbus with products from its plants in Issoire and Montreuil-Juigné, France, and Ravenswood, West Virginia, USA.


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