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Echo3 Energy introducing electric three-wheeler

Colorado-based Echo3 Energy is introducing the electric Echo3 three-wheeler. With up to a 50-mile range, the Echo3 will be a supplement to a primary vehicle, not a replacement.


With a top speed of 35 mph, which meets all inner city speed limits, it can readily travel urban avenues, small-town streets or rural lanes. The Echo3 has space for three adults, abundant leg room, and fully charges in 4 hours with a standard three prong household extension cord.

The Echo3 is suited for anyone with short trip needs from college students, urban dwellers, small-town residents, downsizing seniors, and the environmentally conscious. The Echo 3 starts at $6,995.

Echo3 Energy is a subsidiary of Tread Global, Inc., a product safety-testing and development company based in Denver, Colorado, founded by Jeremiah Buck in 2010.



Not clear what the actual price is with a LiIon battery and 55 mile range.
More than 7K, I would suggest.
It would make a good second car for urban / suburban dwellers, as long as they have somewhere to store and charge it.

Shared ownership could also help, perhaps neighborhood shared ownership.
If 4 families bought one, the capital cost would be very low and it would be easy enough to park. However, the possibility for rows would be considerable. You'ld need a booking app and a way of making sure people kept it charged.

The spec (50 miles and 35 mph) is enough for most short trips. The ability to hold 3 people is decent, un like many small vehicles, it looks OK.
I wonder how safe it is, or should you compare it more to a motorcycle than a full on car.


I see this as DOA. I just don't see a use case for it in the USA


For an electric 3 wheeler, the price is good plus it is environment friendly. site

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