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WiTricity and Lumen Freedom, an automotive Tier 1 manufacturer of wireless charging systems for electrified vehicles, entered into a technology licensing agreement. The agreement enables Lumen Freedom to develop and commercialize products using WiTricity’s patented magnetic resonance technology for electrified vehicles.

With WiTricity technology, charging begins automatically when the vehicle is parked without ever having to handle a charging cord. Access to WiTricity technology has enabled Lumen Freedom to develop and commercialize systems for automakers.

Lumen Freedom recently received the industry’s first certification of compliance with Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) 2750 Safety Standard for EV wireless charging equipment. This milestone signals the maturity of Lumen Freedom’s product development and its readiness for commercial introduction by an automaker in 2020.

Lumen Freedom has been working on wireless power transfer technology for several years and has multiple production programs with global automotive OEMs. Working with WiTricity provides us with access to industry leading technology and intellectual property, coupled with extensive engineering knowledge and support.

—Jon Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Lumen Group



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