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PowerCell signs MoU with ABB Power Grids on stationary fuel cell power solutions

PowerCell Sweden AB has signed a memorandum of understanding with ABB Power Grids regarding a collaboration around fuel cell based zero emissions stationary power solutions. The aim of the cooperation is to leverage the companies’ existing technologies to jointly develop a complete solution for the market.

A final agreement is expected to be reached within approximately 12 months.

Following the joint development and licensing agreement with Robert Bosch GmbH regarding the PowerCell S3 fuel cell stack for the automotive segment last year (earlier post), PowerCell Sweden AB has made a review of its strategic prioritizations and decided to increase its focus on the stationary segment.

The MoU with ABB Power Grids is an important step and a great contribution to our increased efforts within the stationary segment. ABB Power Grids has a leading position and their knowledge, market position and global footprint make them an ideal partner within the stationary power segment.

—Per Wassén, CEO of PowerCell Sweden


PowerCell’s PS-100 is a stationary system which generates 20–100 kW. The system runs on hydrogen and can be used as an electrical power system and for peak shaving. PS-100 can be connected in parallel, which facilitates a high power output, for example to generate electricity by integration with solar or wind power.

PowerCell was founded in 2008 as an industrial spinout from the Volvo Group. The company develops and produces fuel cell stacks and systems for stationary and mobile applications. All the fuel cell systems are based upon PowerCell S2 and PowerCell S3 stacks. The fuel cells are powered by hydrogen, pure or reformed, and produce electricity and heat with no emissions other than water.



Bloom Energy already does this without the need for hydrogen.

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The fuel cells are powered by hydrogen, pure or reformed
Some PowerCell fuel cell systems can run on hydrocarbon fuels such as methanol, ethanol, diesel, biogas or natural gas.


Powercell and Nuvera have pioneered reforming liquid hydrocarbon fuels to hydrogen on board. No storing high pressure gases, reform the fuels we use now without combustion nor pollution.

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